I have had nothing but bad experiences at the Montvale Service Plaza on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. I have been traveling this route for over a decade and frequently stop at this location. I am considering an alternate route/stop after my recent incident which included the gas being filled to $33.17 then the gas attendant overfilled the tank to $34.90 and told me the total was $35. I only have an 8 gallon tank. Overfilling it that much can cause damage to my 2011 automobile which I will have to repair. This is unacceptable. Additionally, I have had bad food and poor service. The workers at the station are often on their cell phones while working and speaking french which while I understand french, it is still rude to other customers. I do not recommend this stop!

I grew up in north jersey, went to Rutherford High School and got married at the Fiesta on RT. 17. I spent my summers at Long Beach Isl. so I know the GSP and its rest stops pretty well. I moved to Connecticut in 2006 with my wife and kids and travel to NJ often. The Montville rest stop is a nightmare. Especially the convenience store inside. He sells bottled drinks and news papers, candy, gum etc. I went 1n very recently, returning from my vacation in Wildwood Crest and wanted to purchase a bottle of lemonade. All door prices said $2.09 but when I get to the register the gentlemen rang up $2.79. I pointed to the door sign and he mumbled something I could not understand.I told him to keep it and left. While I was at the register a women wanted to bye a NY Times, Sunday paper and she asked how much it would cost and he told her $5.00. She left with out it. This guy is a thief and I will never use this rest stop again and will encourage others not to use it. My wife was at that at Dunkin Donuts and no one knew how to make anything and it took forever, only to get the wrong breakfast sandwich and an undrinkable iced coffee concoction. The prices are out of this world. Avery disappointed
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