The New York Thruway is filled with Travel Plazas. They are all very similar in design and services, all having full food services, rest rooms, and travel services.

Travel PlazasEdit

  • GASEATAngola (East/West Mile-post 447 between exits 58 and 57A, Eire County)
  • GASEATClarance (Westbound Mile-post 412, Clarance, NY)
  • GASEATOneida (Milepost 244 Eastbound, Westmoreland, NY)
  • GASEATPembroke (Eastbound Mile-post 397 between exits 48a and 48, Corfu,NY)
  • GASEATSloatsburg (Mile-post 33 Northbound & Southbound, Rockland County)
  • GASEAT Scottsville (Mile-post 366, Scottsville, New York)
  • GASEAT Clifton Springs (Mile-post 337, Clifton Springs, New York)
  • GASEAT New Baltimore (Mile-post 127 between exits 21A and 21B, Hannacroix, NY)
  • GASEAT Ulster (Mile-post 96 between exits 17 and 18, Ruby, NY)
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